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Next Level Collaborations

Mission: Advocate-Agency of Record 501(c)(3) shifting culture to developmental through small business and grassroots organization support. Cultivating capacity for local long-form change and connecting regional regenerative ecosystems, by leveraging equitable technologies and Client Advisory Services - including:

- Integral Mapping Services: connecting local supply chains based on current practices, processes and organic needs complementing core competency with cross-sector campaigns and timeline with real-time Roadmaps

- Protecting equitable Systems for Micro-Businesses and NGOs: independent platform and software providers' in-kind donations shaping purpose driven pipelines

- Storytelling and Production: protecting legacy narratives, mission-driven strategies and equity-building media and relations plan connecting with consequential industries shifting capitalism status quo to long-form quality markets protecting (Indigenous Proverb - thinking 7 generations ahead) improved standards for all generations 

- Place-Based Collaboration Calendar: local economic development through advantageous markets, events, campaigns and community programming with local advocates facilitating interdependent pipelines, including meaningful RevShare model capacity

- Mentorship Advocate Model: custom philanthropic initiatives, program development and independent curriculums contributing to local businesses, education systems and workforce development. Co-establishing advantageous roles with consequential partners reinforcing community-centric operations and protecting triple bottom line processes


Current Regions: Hawai’i and Minnesota  

Funding: Powered by in-kind resources - including SaaS, PaaS and Web 4.0 Technologies from independent companies, with generous donations from trusted mission-aligned partners, local businesses and leaders contributing and committed to protecting long-form change in their communities.

Organizing NLC Regional Boards as advisory groups on unification of local industries, priorities, needed resources/functionalities, Indigenous advocacy and stewardship securing local sovereignty.

Our core service areas include:

Ethical and Equitable
Technology for SMBs and Grassroots Organizations

Mission-Driven Partner  Ecosystem 

Place-Based Pipelines Protecting Regional Autonomy

 Storytelling and Sustainable/Social Entrepreneurship Curriculums with Systems Certification

Cross-Cultural  Campaigns and Collaboration Calendar

One-Minute SMB Product Demo:

KIMCO SMB KIMCO ERP Konfigure PaaS.png
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